Menu Items

Menu Items are the backbone of your websites content. This is how you create new pages full of content for your users.
While logged into the Admin Page click "Menu Items"
If you are just starting to work on your site you will see a list of default menu items. These items are also you default menu (Navigation Bar). The list you see below are the Menu Items for this training site.
Click on a Menu Item to edit its content or click "Add" to create a new item. When you click "Add" you will see the screen below:
The default Menu Item is "Link". You can use this to create an item that when clicked will navigate to a webpage you put into the "Link" area.
Sub Menu is how you create drop down items for your Menu/Navigation Bar. Take this training site for example! I created a "Build Your Site" menu item, I then put that in the Menu after "Home". Then added the menu items to the sub menu of "Build Your Site" like below:
There are 4 Menu Types available. Link, Built-In, Custom, & Page.
Built-In: Is useful if you might have deleted a default menu item like the profile page or video page. Built-in is not used regularly.
Custom: Is where you will create a lot of pages. You can create a text based page, upload images, attach videos to the Menu Item too! (Remember if a Related Item is not editable its because you haven't created the page yet. Just click submit to create the page then click on it again and you will be able to add Sub Menus or Videos).
Page is how you create a Widget based Menu Item. Widget based Home Page 
There are more steps involved for creating this type of page, but it will set your site apart from others. View the widget training page for more details. 
Once you have selected the type of Menu Item you want click "Submit" to create the page and save the changes. If you are creating a new "Menu Item" be sure to either add it to the Menu if you want it to be a Navigation Bar item or add it to a sub menu of a Navigation Bar item.