Most schools have network security. If you have issues seeing something, it might be blocked by the local networks' firewall or content filter. In order to view all of the platform, you or your network administrator must allow certain domains and protocols. We completely understand that a nework at a school must have the most stringent security standards and we want to make a minimal impact/change to the security of the network.
*​ (ad server delivery)

Live Event and VOD Playback
Ports 80 and 1935

*             loadbalancing ip                 offline reserved             offline reserved                 offline reserved          dns rotation list that is dynamic (15 min. ttl) mainly used for http connections on mobile.
Currently:              ,,, 15min)          dns rotation list that is dynamic. mainly used for http connections on mobile.
Currently:              ,,,

Outgoing Live Streams:
Outgoing port 1935  RTMP TRAFFIC  This may change. And/or could be dns rotation list.  Currently hardware load balanced with multiple servers in group.             Reserved for overflow.

Outgoing ftp port 21