School Info

Georgia School of Excellence

On August 13, 2013, State Superintendent Dr. John Barge announced the highest performing schools in the state. Esther F. Garrison School of Visual and Performing Arts was ranked as #1 among the 2012 Georgia Schools of Excellence in Student Achievement.

High-Performance schools are the top performing schools within each Congressional District that have shown the highest performance on the College and Career-Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) across the state.  CCRPI is a comprehensive school improvement, accountability, and communication platform for all educational stakeholders that promote college and career readiness for all Georgia public school students.  

Gifted Education

The philosophy of the Gifted Education program is to meet the instructional needs of gifted learners based on each student’s unique abilities. Modifications are made in content, process, product, and pacing of the curriculum. All identified gifted students in 1st—8th grades receive cluster or collaborative services through their gifted contracts. Students in grades 1st –5th also receive pull-out gifted resource services. For additional information on the Gifted Education program, please visit the SCCPSS website.


Fine Arts Program Overview

Pre K - 2nd Arts Program

Prepares students by teaching beginning and detailed knowledge in all art areas, including visual arts, readers' theatre, dance, and general music.

3rd grade Arts Program

This year involves intensive exploration in all arts areas, formal teacher assessment, and parent communication to help students select the best fit for their three arts areas to be studied in 4th grade. Students experience visual arts, dance, theatre, and general music (with an emphasis in chorus, band, and strings).

4th grade Art Program

In 4th grade, students participate in three (depending on the area of focus) chosen art areas. 

5th grade Art Program

This entire year is geared towards preparing for the audition into middle school.

Middle School Program

Students participate in their art five days a week. The program is aimed at preparing students for their Savannah Arts Academy audition.  


Garrison students can participate in the following sports:  Swimming, girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball, girls’ soccer, boys’ soccer, volleyball, tennis, golf baseball, and softball.