HC Zoning Advisory Board

The member representing the City of Stockbridge serves on the countywide Zoning Advisory Board (ZAB) and is responsible for reviewing applications for changes in land use and other items as required by the respective ordinances. The ZAB as a whole makes recommendation on zoning changes to the Mayor and Council who makes the final decision to approve or deny an applicant’s request during a public hearing on the proposal. The Board is comprised of six (6) members who represent Henry County; as well as one (1) member representing the City of Stockbridge, and one (1) member representing the City of Hampton. Meetings are held every other month, although a called meeting may take place in rare circumstance. Meetings include a work session at 6:00 pm followed by a public hearing at 7:30 pm. The meetings are televised. The member is appointed by the Mayor and Council and serves a 3-year term. The appointee will receive a stipend for attendance. The applicant must:

1. Be a citizen of this state and the United States;
2. Be at least eighteen (18) years of age;
3. Have a high school education or the equivalent; and
4. Be a resident of Henry County
5. Have no felony conviction involving moral turpitude and not not be
    judicially determined to be mentally incompetent unless the disability
    has been removed
6. Not hold any other public office or position with the City