Robin Buschman

Robin Buschman, a graduate with honors from Jonesboro High School in 1976, at the age of 24 was named Branch Manager/Vice-President of one of the largest financial institutions on the East Coast.

Accomplished in managing and partnering a successful family restaurant for over 30 years, Ms. Buschman says her key to success is being able to adapt and embrace an ever changing world.

No stranger to adversity, her only son was involved in a catastrophic accident 13 years ago that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. He would subsequently be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the same disorder many returning military troops suffer from. While managing her son’s condition Ms. Buschman has learned to successfully diffuse issues and solve problems, both skills she has transferred into her role as Councilwoman.

Ms. Buschman’s accomplishments include a 3-year term as HOA Treasurer for her subdivision, followed by a 2-year term as HOA President.

Elected to the Council two (2) years ago, Ms. Buschman’s support and participation of projects and growth within the City of Stockbridge is literally life altering for the citizens, i.e. Belt Press project, re-location of companies, and the fiber optic initiative. Seated on the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) she is extremely excited for the future of Stockbridge. The seated DDA currently is comprised of local City entrepreneurs, and this will be the catalyst for future success.

Robin takes public service serious and leads by example.

Ms. Buschman says the rewards are “great” when citizens walk up to her or calls her to thank her for her continued service, diligence and visionary ideas. Ms. Buschman’s answer, “Be sure to thank the other Council members, Mayor and staff as it takes a team”.