Bears Digital Educational Network is a student-produced, directed, and managed system of broadcasting created using industry standard equipment thanks to our sponsors, ESE Networks.

Our site is focused on broadcasting live information, videos, and photos to the people of our community and school system to promote "Excellence as the Standard." Our program is over-seen by student-producer and Website Designer Chandler Watson and Executive Producer/Advisor John DuPont, as formerly ran by Ericka McIntosh and Amy Nimmer. Our Current news Staff is made up of a large portion of PCHS’s Audio/Visual Technology & Film Pathway.

Bears D.E.N News is broadcasted every weekday, and is available for all to view at any time. We also bring you features of local community projects such as the Miss PCHS Pageant and the Pierce County Technology Fair, as well as entertainment features like The Grizz Talk Show.

For more information on what we hope to accomplish with our productions, or to suggest a production and/or comment, please contact John Dupont @

This program began when Chandler Watson and Camden Jewell confronted John DuPont, Amy Nimmer, Ericka McIntosh, and PCHS's Principal Dara Bennett about starting a new club: Film Club. The original focus of this club was to create a full-length, Hollywood-style movie to be shown to the entirety of PCHS to be titled "The Community." Little did the two know, the program would build to be much more than what they ever imagined.

One day during the year following the creation of the club and the beginning of movie production, PCHS Media Specialist Amy Nimmer contacted the club with news that her husband, Pierce County Representative Chad Nimmer at the state level, had been introduced to. A network of broadcast schools and productions called ESE Networks had confronted Representative Nimmer about support at the state level. Mr. Nimmer already knew about the Film Club at PCHS, so he told his wife to inform the club what he had learned. ESE Networks offered a grant to schools across the state and country that offered high-end industry-standard equipment. The team immediately leaped into action to retrieve the grant.

After being notified that PCHS had been granted the full grant, the team was extatic. It was amazing to get to see all the new equipment come to life. However, as the Spiderman quote goes, "With great power comes great responsibility." The team knew that they must use this equipment well, so they all immediately began to brainstorm. Ideas were brought up for a Talk Show (The Grizz Talk Show), filming events around the county (Pierce County Technology Fair), and even possibly a morning news show (Bears DEN), all of which came to action.

The team is now in its 2nd phase of the ESE Georgia grant and seeking the ESE Universal Grant, and now has a fully-established Audio/Visual Technology & Film Pathway established at the High School. Many bright things are in the future for the class and the school along with the help of our sponsors, ESE Networks.